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Price Samples


Item Price (in Rials) Unit
Petrol 7000 /litre
Diesel Fuel 3500 /litre
Engine Oil 20,000 /litre
Car Rental (cheapest with driver) 1,000,000 /day
Car Rental (cheapest w/o driver) 1,000,000 /day
Chartered Taxi 60,000 /hour
Shared Taxi shortest ride 3,000 /ride/person
City bus ride 2,000 /ride/person
Metro ride (in Tehran) 2,500 /ride/person
Average short distance intercity Bus 30,000 /person
Average Long Distance intercity Bus 50,000 /person
Average Night Train Ticket (1st Class) 100,000 /person
Average Flight Ticket 700,000 /person

Updated Mar. 2012. The above price should be only considered as sample and may be different depending on the location, brand, etc.

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