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List of Hotels

Tourist accommodation in Iran is available at all levels from luxury to mid-range and budget. There are hotels and inns in all big cities that offer regular facilities for both short and long stays. You can also find private accommodation with families in smaller towns but this is only on recommendation. The tourist bodies in Iran also have their guesthouses available at very affordable rates.

List of Hotels including: location, city, star rating and distance to airport.

Hotel Name City Star Location Distance to Airport
Homa Hotel Tehran 5* Vanak Sq.near to Shopping Center 18 Km to Mehrabad
Laleh Hotel Tehran 5* Fatemi St. 25Km to Mehrabad
Azadi Hotel Tehran 5* Chamran Highway, Near to Fair 18Km to Mehrabad
Esteghlal Hotel Tehran 5* Parkway Cross, Near to Fair 18Km to Mehrabad
Tehran Grand Hotel Tehran 4* Motahari St. 30Min to Mehrabad
Enghelab Hotel Tehran 4* Close to Business And Shopping Center 30Min to Mehrabad
Hoveize Hotel Tehran 4* Taleghani St. 30Km to Mehrabad
Kowsar Hotel Tehran 4* Vali Asr Sq.(center) 30Min to Mehrabad
Ferdowsi Hotel Tehran 4* Close to National Museum 20Min to Mehrabad
Simorgh Hotel Tehran 4* North of City In Vali Asr St. 45Min to Mehrabad
Taj Mahal Hotel Tehran 4* Sheikh Bahaie St. 30Min to Mehrabad
Eram Hotel Tehran 3* Haqani High Way 30Min to Mehrabad
Mashad Hotel Tehran 3* Mofateh St. 30Min to Mehrabad
Dizin Hotel Tehran 4* Chalous, Dizin Ski Slope(300m) 95Km to Mehrabad
Abassi Hotel Esfahan 5* Charbagh St. 25Km
Kowsar Hotel Esfahan 5* Opposite to The Sio Se Pol Bridge 40Min
Aliqapu Hotel Esfahan 4* Charbagh St. 30Min
Azadi Hotel Esfahan 3* Takhti Croos, Masjed St. 30 Min
Suite Parsian Hotel Esfahan 3* Charbagh St. 35Min
Aseman Hotel Esfahan 4* Pole Felezi 20Min
Pars Hotel Shiraz 5* Zand St. 25Min
Ario Barzan Hotel Shiraz 4* Roudaki St. 25Km
Parsian Hotel Shiraz 4* Roudaki Sq. 25Km
Eram Hotel Shiraz 4* Zand St. 20Min
Pardisan Hotel Mashhad 5* Close to Seda & Sima Park, Kalantari Exp. 20Min
Qasr Hotel Mashhad 4* Imam Reza St. 20Min
Razavie Hotel Mashhad 4* Falake Aab 10Km
Dariush Hotel Kish 5* 3Min Drive to Shores 10Min
Parmis Hotel Kish 5* Parsis Sq. Opposite Pardis Bazar 10Min
Shayan Hotel Kish 5* Close to Shore 5Min
Shaygan Hotel Kish 5* Behind Paniz Bazar 10Min
Grand Hotel Kish 4* Opposite to Venos Bazar 10Min
Helia Hotel Kish 4* Sahel St. Next to Zeyton Bazar 10Min
Qom International Hotel Qom 4* Helal Ahmar St. 140Km to Mehrabad
Hormez Hotel Bandar Abbas 5* Imam Khomeini Blvd. 20Min
Delvar Hotel Bushehr 4* Raees Ali Delvani St. 5Min
Kerman Inn Kerman 4* Shafa Cross, Jomhori Blvd. 10Min
Semnan Jahangardi Hotel Semnan 4* Moalem Sq. Basij Blvd. 180Km to Shahroud
Azadi Khazar Hotel Chalous 5* near to Namak Abrod 20Min
Azadi Abadan Hotel Abadan 4* near to Port 10Min
Boali Hotel Hamadan 4* Boali St. 20Min
Azadi Shahr Kord Hotel ShahreKord 4* Farabi St. 10Min
Azadi Ramsar Hotel Ramsar 4* Rajaee St. 10Km
Ghachsar Hotel Ghachsar 3* near to Dizin Ski Slope 65Km of Karaj-Chalous
Moshiro-Al-Mamalek Yazd 3* , Moshiri Blvd.Enghelab St. 20Min
Safaieyeh Hotel Yazd 4* Timsar Falahy St. 20Km
Laleh Hotel Yazd 3* basij St. 20Min
Malek O tojar Hotel Yazd 3* Qiam St.Amir Chakhmaq Sq. 12Km
Pars Hotel Ahwaz 5* Abedi Av. Azadgan St. 20Min
Azadi Bam Hotel Bam 3* Janbazan Blvd. Dasht Bagh 14Km
Pars Hotel Kerman 5* Jomhory Blvd.Farhangian Cross 5Min
Arg-E-Jadid Hotel Bam 4* Jomhory Blvd.Farhangian Cross 5Km
El-Goli Hotel Tabriz 5* El-Goli Park 20Min
Tabriz Hotel Tabriz 4* Imam Khomeini St. Daneshgah Sq. 20Min
Homa Hotel Bandar Abbas 5* Meraj St. Pasdaran Blvd. 25Min
Kadoosan Hotel Rasht 4* Azadi Blvd. 5Km
Nahar Khoran Hotel Gorgan 3* Nahar Khoran Blvd. 25Min
Sanandaj Hotel Sanandaj 3* Pasdaran St. 5km
Laleh Hotel Sarein 4* Daraiee St. 45Min
Zanjan Grand Hotel Zanjan 4* Basij Sq. 25Km
Yasudj Parsian Hotel Yasudj 4* Namaz Blvd. 20Min
Lipar Hotel Chabahar 3* Free Zone Chabahar 45Km
Amir Kabir Hotel Kashan 3* Amir Kabir St. 30min to Railway
Amir Kabir Hotel Arak 5* 3Km of Tehran Road
Dalaho Hotel Eilam 2* Ferdowsi St. 20Min
Darya Hotel Ardabil 3* Basij Sq.
Sahel Hotel Oroumie 4* Val Fajr St. 20Km
Ranjy Hotel Takab 2* 17Shahrivar Sq. 6Hours to Uromiye
Koohrang Hotel Koohrang 4* Koohrang Area 85Km
Birjand Inn Birjand 4* Artesh St.
Kamelia Hotel Sabzevar 3* Sarbedaran Blvd. 10Min
Neishabour Inn Neishabour 2* Imam Khomeini St. 15Min to Railway
Negin Hotel Bojnourd 3* Imam Reza Sq. 10Min
Oxin Hotel Ahwaz 3* Pasdaran Blvd. 5Min
Bandar Grand Hotel Imam Khomeini Port 3* Bandar
Esteghlal Hotel Zahedan 4* Motahari Blvd.
Marmar Hotel Qazvin 3* Khameneie Bolv. 10 – 15Min to Railway
Lar Inn Lar 4* Jomhori Blvd. 20Km
Nimrooz Hotel Zabol 2* Daneshgah Blvd.
Zarivar Hotel Marivan 4* Daryache Blvd. 90Min
Mahan Inn Mahan 2* Qarani Sq.
Azadegan Hotel Kermanshah 4* Sahrake Tavon 15Min
Resalat Hotel Kermanshah 3* Ferdowsi Sq. 15Min
Spinas Hotel Astara 5* Next to Police Station 60Km
Sefid Kenar Hotel Anzali Port 4* 6Km of Talesh Road
Lahijan Inn Lahijan 3* Sepah Sq.
Setareh Darya Inn Langerood 3* Chamkhale Coast Area
Esteghlal Hotel Khoram Abad 4* Daneshjoo Sq.
Khazar Shahr Complex Babolsar 3* Freydoonkenar-Babolsar Road 8Km
Asram Hotel Sari 3* Tajan Bridge 30 Min
Sadra Hotel Tonekabon 3* Karim Abad St. 25Km
Narenjestan Hotel Noor 5* Mahmood Abad-Noor Road
KSt.h Hotel SSt.h 3* Sanati City 30Min
Qeshm Hotel Qeshm 4* Golha Sq. 50Min
Diploomat Hotel Qeshm 3* Azadegan Blvd. 40Min
Mahalat Complex Mahalat 2* Mahalat Complex ——
Shahroud Inn Shahroud 3* Ferdowsi St. 12Km (20 Min)
Sabz Hotel Khoram Shahr 3* Shohada Blvd. 5 Min
Kasra Hotel Qasr-e-shirin 3* Rahkarbala Blve.
Marjan Hotel Babol 2* Keshvary Sq.
Cliff Hotel Kandoovan N-A Kandovan Village 45Km Far From Tabriz
Aria Hotel Masouleh 4* 3Km Masoule – Fooman
Monfared Masouleh 2* First Entrance of City
Saraban Natanz 2* Imam Khomeini Sq.
Deniz Hotel Oroumie 5* Next to Uromiye Lake
Takht-e-Jamshid Marvdasht 4* Marvdasht-Takht-e-Jamshid Road
Azadi Hotel Hamadan 4* Eram Blvd. 12Km
Deniz Hotel Oroumiye 5* Bari Holiday Resort 40Km


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