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Although Tehran is not Iran, but without this great metropolis, which is the focal point of Iran’s transportation network and the center in which more than 40% of the nation’s economic activities takes place, it would not be possible to fully comprehend the ever changing Iran. Tehran is the mirror of Iran. Those who inhabit this young metropolis have come from around the country with different beliefs, cultures, languages and life styles and live in a national and international context together. It can be noted that modern societies take form in large cities, and therefore, Iran’s future is being formed in Tehran.
Iran is a complicated and mysterious country and Tehran is more so. Activities, population and cultures have shaped a new and ever changing logic upon which people relate to one another without prior familiarity. This phenomenon, despite being problematic, expands and facilitates innovations and creativity.

Tehran Coordinates
Province Tehran
Latitude 35 40 N
Longitude 51 26 E
City 1500 km (579 sq mi)
Urban 686 km (265 sq mi)
Elevation 1200 m (3,900 ft)
Population (2006) about 11,000,000
Density 10000/km (25,899/sq mi)
Time zone 3.5 GMT

In fact, this is a characteristic of all metropolises to instigate new dynamism. Availability and awareness of economic, social and cultural information are necessary for understanding a city. These concepts, however, make sense only when they materialize within a country, an urban space or its periphery.
Although the City of Tehran can be similar to Los Angeles or Shanghai in terms of urban planning, size, variety, internal dynamics and economic role, it cannot be understood without its territorial and cultural characteristic.
Tehran’s population increased fifty folds from 200,000 in 1900 to10.3 millions in 1996, of which 6.8 millions live within the city limits of Tehran. In the same period, however, total population of Iran increased only five folds, from 9.8 million to 60 million. Tehran, which had only a 2% share in total population, now incorporates more than 15% share. This proportion has remained relatively stable since 1970s. This population explosion is the result of migrations due to the Capital’s unique attractions. A capital that was merely a town 100 years ago has now become a more or less modern metropolis, because of governmental
centralization and improvements in social welfare. Hence, Tehran, despite its many unique aspects, is comparable with large cities such as Ankara, Brasilia, and even St. Petersburg.

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Tourist Attractions in Tehran

There are various Tourist Attractions in Tehran which you must visit while on a tour to this city in the country of Iran. This city is famous for its various places of interest. A number of holiday makers and other travelers come to this part of Iran every year. As a result you will find many accommodation options present in this city in Iran. These tourist spots are spread all across the city and are surely worth a visit while you are here. Viewing the different Tourist Attractions in Tehran will be a memorable experience for you as well as your family.

The various Tehran Tourist Attractions comprise of:

  • National Jewels Treasury, Tehran
  • Golestan Palace, Tehran
  • Museum of Ayatollah Khomeini, Tehran
  • Green Palace, Tehran
  • Saad-Abad Palace & Park, Tehran
  • Holy Shrine of Emam Khomeini
  • National Museum of Iran, Tehran
  • Varamin, Tehran
  • Tehran Bazaar,Tehran
  • Postal Museum, Tehran
  • Ferdoosi Square, Tehran
  • Sahebqraniyeh Palace, Tehran
  • Sorkh Ghaleh Toroud,Tehran
  • Niavaran Palace, Tehran
  • Jamshidieh Park, Tehran
  • Shamsol-emare, Tehran
  • Azadi Tower, Tehran
  • Milad Tower, Tehran

The city of Tehran is known for its rich history and culture. Various rulers have ruled this part of Iran and they have left their distinct impression in this city which today stand as witnesses of the past. The Tourist Attractions in Tehran mostly consist of grand palaces and museums which are quite beautiful and informative. The palaces in this city include Golestan Palace, Tehran, Green Palace, Tehran, Saad-Abad Palace & Park, Tehran, Sahebqraniyeh Palace, Tehran and the Niavaran Palace, Tehran. These palaces were built by various emperors and other nobles in the past. The palaces are very lavish and show the power and wealth of these people.

You will find a treasury and several museums as well in this city. The museums include National Jewels Treasury, Tehran, Museum of Ayatollah Khomeini, Tehran, National Museum of Iran, Tehran and the Postal Museum, Tehran. These museums have rare displays which are quite fascinating. You can even visit the famous towers and holy shrines set in this city. You can also shop at the local bazaars of this city while you are on Tehran Tours. You will have a good time sightseeing in Tehran. The good transportation in Tehran will make your trip to the Tourist Attractions in Tehran quite comfortable.


Tehran Hotels

District: City Centre Super SaverPopular
Centrally located city hotel with delightful views over the surrounding mountains and access to many local attractions.

District: City Centre Super SaverPopular
Affordable lodging downtown, near shopping and sightseeing venues, with 2 restaurants, multilingual staff, a health club

District: Elahiyeh Super SaverPopular
Fine boutique style near the heart of Tehran, with a stylish caf?, a range of sports and leisure amenities

District: City Centre Super Saver

District: City Centre Popular
In the business district, a luxurious choice near museums and historic highlights, with a shopping centre and a health club, rotating rooftop …

District: Yusef Abad Popular
Near the business district and tourist draws, centrally located, boasts an indoor swimming pool and an Iranian restaurant, luxurious rooms

District: Vanak Popular
Standing on the city’s main thoroughfare, with easy access of major attractions in Tehran, including the trendy boutiques and shops of Vanak …

District: City Centre Popular
Deluxe choice in the business district, centrally located for corporate travel, with an Iranian restaurant, a sauna, and private parking

District: Yusef Abad Popular
Adjacent to Saee Park, luxury choice for guests who need to be near downtown Tehran, with a restaurant overlooking the city skyline, business …

District: Amir Abad

District: City Centre
Enjoying a mountainous backdrop, this exclusive hotel in North Tehran is ideal for visits to the culturally diverse city.

District: City Centre

District: Elahiyeh
Crossroads of Vali-e-Asr & Chamran Exp.way Tehran.

District: City Centre
City center, vali – e-asr avenue within easy reach from the shopping areas.

District: City Centre

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