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18 Days Tour

Ganjnameh Inscriptions, Hamedan

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18 Days Tour


Day Activity Hotel
Day 01Zanjan
  • Assist and Int. Transfer
  • Directly drive(334 Km) to Zanjan via Qazvin
  • Sightseeing ,Guide/Driver
Standard Room4* Top Hotel
Day 02Hamedan
  • Drive to Hamedan(230 KM)
  • City Tour Guide/Driver/BB
Standard Room4* Hotel
Day 03Kermanshah
  • Drive to Kermanshah
  • Full day tour, Guide/Driver/BB
Day 04Ahwaz
  • Drive to Ahwaz(360 Km) via Shushtar
  • Sightseeing, Guide/Driver/BB
Standard Room4* Top Hotel
Day 05Ahwaz
  • Visit Chugha Zanbil,Shush,Haft tape
  • Full Day Tour ,Guide/Driver/BB
Standard Room4*Top Hotel
Day 06Shiraz
  • Drive to Shiraz(710 KM)
  • Driver/Guide/BB
Standard Room3* or4* Hotel
Day 07Shiraz
  • City Tour
  • Guide/Driver/BB
Standard Room
Day 08Shiraz
  • Excursion To PresPlolise and Pasargad
  • Full Day Tour Driver/Guide/BB


Standard Room3*or4* Hotel
Day 09Kerman
  • Drive to Kerman(440 KM)
  • Driver/Guide/BB
Standard Room4* Hotel
Day 10Kerman
  • Excursion to Rayan and Bam
  • Full Day Tour Driver /Guide/BB
Standard Room4* Hotel
Day 11Yazd
  • Drive to Yazd(310 Km)
  • Sightseeing Guide/Driver/BB
Standard Room4* Hotel
Day 12Isfahan
  • City tour in Yazd
  • Drive to Isfahan via Nain Guide/Driver/BB


Standard Room4* Hotel
Day 13Isfahan
  • Full Day City Tour
  • Guide/Driver/BB
Standard Room4* Hotel
Day 14Isfahan
  • City Tour Guide/Driver/BB
Standard Room4* Hotel
Day 15Tehran
  • Drive to Tehran Via Kashan
  • Sightseeing Guide/Driver/BB
Standard Room3* or 4* Hotel
Day 16Tehran
  • Full Day city Tour Guide/Driver/BB
Standard Room3* or 4* Hotel
Day 18Departure
  • Transfer to airport Guide/Driver





  • Day 01 Tehran – Qazwin- Zanjan

Arrival and meet and transfer to Qazwin to visit the Seljuq period Jame’ mosque, the tomb of Hossein the brother of Imam Reza the eighth Imam of Shia sect (Shazde Hussain), on to visit Soltaniyeh monument which is the tomb of Uljaitu the mongol king in 13th century in the afternoon, check in hotel.

  • Day 02 Zanjan-Takab Hamedan

drive to Hamedan via Takab to visit the Sassanid citadel and the main holy fire temple in Takht-e Soleyman, on in the scenic valley of Zagross mountain ranges , visiting Ganj-nameh (5th century B.C. stone incription),in Hamedan, check in hotel, ovenight.

  • Day 03 Hamedan-Kermanshah

Breakfast, continuing the sightseeing in Hamedan including Ester and Mordechai (a Jewish-Achamenid manument), Gonbad Alavian (the best Saljuq site in the town) and Drive to Kermanshah visiting Anahita temple (the unique godess of fertility and war in Iran) in Kangavar, on to Bisotun high-relief, the most important written document from the Achamenid period commissioned by Dariush the first, Arriving at Kermanshah on to visit Taq-e Bostan (Sassanid high relieves) , Tekiyeh Mo’aven ol Molk (a collection of tilework feast) , and a Kurdish Bazaar, check in hotel, dinner, overnight

  • Day 04 Kermanshah-Ahwaz

Breakfast, morning drive to Shushtar – visits to Shushtar waterfalls, Shushtar Sasanid bridge etc., lunch enroute, drive to Ahwaz, check in Pars hotel, dinner, overnight.

  • Day 05 Ahwaz – Choga Zanbil – Haft Tappeh – Shush – Other places of interest in Khuzestan province – Ahwaz

Breakfast, visit Choga-Zanbil the biggest remaining Elamite temple (13th c. B.C.), and Haft Tappeh royal tombs (16th c. B.C.) including the oldest arch-building in the world, visiting the ancient mounds and town of Susa (4th to 1st millenium B.C.), visit of Daniel´s tomb, Apadana Palace, Susa Museum, the Castle of Susa, lunch based on timing of Tour in Ahwaz , then visit to other places of interest of Khuzestan province, back to Ahwaz, dinner, overnight Pars Hotel.

  • Day 06 Ahwaz-Shiraz

Breakfast, drive to Shiraz via Zagross mountains, Picnic Lunch, on to visit a 3rd century Sassanid town of Bishapur and Tang-e Chogan high-relieves,

  • Day 07 Shiraz

Breakfast, full day city tour of Shiraz including Eram garden (a Persian botanical garden and the former house of the head of Qashqai tribe), Narenjestan Qavam (19th century traditional house), 17th century Khan Madressah (theological school, if it is open,normally they donot allow visit , in some days they do which is based on their lessons), nomads Bazaar of Haji, the tomb of Hafez and its traditional tea house, Arg-e Karim khani (from the time Zand dynasty 18th century citadel), 19th century Nasir-ol-molk pinc mosque, and the bazzar, check in hotel, dinner, overnight.

  • Day 08 Shiraz

Breakfast, full day excursion to Persepolis the ceremonial capital of the Achamenid dynasty, and Passargad, and on return to Shiraz also Naqsh-e Rajab and Naqsh-e Rostam the burial place of the Achamenid kings: lunch in the local Lan-e Tavoos restaurant, back to the city, dinner, overnight.

  • Day 09 Shiraz – Kerman

Breakfast, drive to Kerman, Visiting Bakhtegan Salt Lake ,Fig Lands , arrive Kerman, , check in hotel, dinner, overnight

  • Day 10 Kerman – Bam – Rayen – Kerman

Breakfast, full day excursion to Bam and Rayen, back to Kerman , Kerman – Ganj Ali Khan complex, bazaar dinner, overnight

  • Day 11 Kerman – Yazd

Breakfast, Drive to Yazd – visit of the tower of silence (the ancient Zoroastrian burial place), Yazd ‘s functioning fire temple with it 1500 year old fire, the 12th century Jame’ mosque, 15th century Mir-Chakhmaq complex and 18th century Dowlat-Abad garden including its magnificent Badgir (windtower), check in hotel,

  • Day 12 Yazd-Isfahan

Breakfast, if necessary – finish to visits to the places of interest in Yazd, drive to Isfahan visiting early Islamic period Na’in Jame’ mosque and a Safavid traditional house there, Na’in has been a Jewish hub in the ancient Persia , on to Isfahan , check in hotel,

  • Day 13 Isfahan

Breakfast, full day city tour including Imam & Sheikh Lotf ollah mosques and Ali-Qapu palace in the Royal square (Naqsh-e Jahan), visit to bazar, on to visit the Chehel Sotun palace with its marvelous miniature court frescoes and garden.

  • Day 14 Isfahan

Breakfast, full day city tour including Sio Se and Khaju bridges, the old Jame’ mosque and Jolfa the Armenian quarter with its 17th century Cathedral (Vank), 17th century Hasht Behesht palace, check in hotel.

  • Day 15 Isfahan-Kashan – Tehran

Breakfast, early morning drive to Kashan visiting the 19th century Aqa Bozorg mosque, 17th century Fin garden a typical Persian garden, the 19th century traditional house of Tabatabaiha and 5th millennium Teppe Sialk , a short stop in Qom to pay a visit to the holy shrine of Fatimah( we cannot enter the shrine, as Non-Muslims arenot allowed to) and the hub of the Shia clerics in Iran, dinner

  • Day 16 Tehran

Full day city tour, visits to the National Archaeological Museum, National Jewels Museum, Golestan palace, bazaar, Azadi tower, dinner, back to the hotel, short sleep until the departure for the airport.

  • Day 17-Departure

early in the morning departure for home.

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